Hello, and welcome to Mr. Ekstrom's 6th Grade Class! This should be a great year for growing your educational skills, and for having fun while you're doing it! Here is a brief look at how our class works.

    School supplies for incoming 6th grade students:

    -four (1) inch binder
    -one set of dividers
    -composition notebook
    -loose leaf lined notebook paper
    -pens (blue or black ink please)
    -crayons OR colored pencils OR markers
    -glue sticks


    -pencil box to keep supplies in

    -box of tissues to share with the class
    *Please label everything with your child's name. We will set up the binder and dividers together on the first day of school.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Ekstrom


    Honor Code

    - Respect everyone and everything

    - Be responsible

    - Be safe

    - Be honest at all times


    Cardinal Rules


    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.


    2. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.


    3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    4. Be prepared for class.


    5. Appropriate language will be used at all times with all

       students and adults.

    Consequences for following the rules include gaining personal pride in your performance, having the best opportunities for successful learning, earning good grades, and enjoying some fun rewards.

    Consequences for breaking the rules include writing a note home to parents, writing an action plan, phone calls home to parents, serving detention, seeing the principal, earning lowered grades, and others, as stated in the student handbook.

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    Homework policy
    Homework is critical for success, just as football practice is for the football player, or piano practice for the pianist. It is due on the date assigned. It will be graded. Sometimes there will simply be a grade for completion; other times there will be a percentage score given.

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    Student’s Homework Responsibility

    1. You are responsible to copy homework assignments in your homework log.

    2. You are responsible to complete the entire assignment, and leave no blanks. 

    3. You are responsible to turn the assignment in when it is due.

    4. When absent, it is your responsibility to request the work you need to make up.

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    Grading: "I don't give grades, you earn them!"
    Most papers will be graded in a percentage-based way. I will mark incorrect answers, and in some cases write in the correct answer. Some projects will be graded on a point system (rubric), set up for that assignment specifically. The points will be converted to a percentage or grade. 

    You will often grade your own papers. You will put a check mark by each correct answer, and target what you need to work on or ask questions about by circling answers that are incorrect. This gives you immediate feedback!

    Some papers will receive a grade that indicates completion and accuracy of the assignment. Other papers will receive a check mark that credits completing the assignment.


    Grade Weights:

    Test: 60%

    Quiz: 30%

    Homework: 10%



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