School Supply List

  • School Supply List for 2015-2016 school year:

    Basic Supply List:

    Pencil box (a shoe box works well too)

    Four 1 ½ inch binders (red, blue, green, )

    Dividers for binders (22 total)

    At least two boxes of Pencils (regular #2 preferred)

    A pack of Pens (blue or red) for corrections

    Lined notebook paper (two to three packs)

    One notebook (the sturdier, the better)

    Two different colored highlighters (or multi-colored pack)

    Sticky notes (any size)

    Note cards 3x5 (2 to 3 packs)


    Optional Supplies:

    Tissues to share with the class

    Glue sticks

    Colored pencils, makers, or crayons


    Individual pencil sharpener


    Try to label most items with your child’s name. We will set up our binders the first week of school.

    If you cannot afford something on the list or have already purchased something else, we will work around that. I hope everyone is having a great summer! See you all soon!