• Homework Policy

    Homework is expected to be turned in on time (the day it is due, by 8:05 AM).  If it is not, there are consequences.  One Day Late=5 points off grade; Two Days Late=10 points off grade; Three or More Days Late-->65 is the highest grade you may achieve.  There will be cut-off points for late work being turned in--this cut-off will be every 5 weeks.

    Students must not owe more than 1 assignment in order to attend Friday Fun Day.

    Corrections Policy-If you turn in your work on time, you may correct it to earn a higher grade!  Any grade below a 70 MUST be corrected.  If the grade is in the 70s or 80s, you may choose whether or not to correct it.  For all corrections, your paper will be regraded, and then the average of the two grades will go in the computer.

    Tests and quizzes generally cannot be corrected.  Occasionally, corrections will be offered on a test or quiz for a few additional points.