Ideas to Boost Reading Skills at Home


    Ideas for Boosting Reading Skills at home:





    -         Read to/ with your child every day. Start with the parent reading out loud to the child (while child follows along with the text), then you read a paragraph, and the child reads a paragraph out loud. Gradually increase the amount of reading the child is doing, and decrease the amount of reading the parent is doing.


    -         Make sure you have plenty of reading material available, at your child’s appropriate reading level.


    -         Restrict the amount of time the TV/ computer is on at home- make reading a fun, pleasurable alternative activity.


    -         Show your child good reading habits- let him see you read, talk about what you are reading.


    -         Engage in reading activities other than book reading- read and cook recipes together, look at maps and have a driving adventure, read magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes… read anything!



    -         Talk with your child’s teacher about his reading progress- ask for specific recommendations about their reading strengths and weaknesses.



    -         When reading with your child- ask questions about the story, such as “What do you think will happen next?” Have your child make up a test about the reading material, then you take the test and discuss your answers with her.



    -         If the reading level is difficult, break it into smaller chunks, and check for comprehension at each break.



    -         Visit the library often.



    -         Increase vocabulary: play a dictionary game and learn new vocabulary words each week; board games such as “Madgab” and “Dictionary Dabble” are fun ways to boost vocabulary.

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