Supply Lists

  • 7th and 8th Grade Supply Lists




    7th Graders:


    Homework Binder (provided)

    School Agenda (provided)

    Pencil case with holes for homework binder

    Sharpened pencils  

    Colored pencils or pens

    Headphones or earbuds


    (3) 1.5" Binders

    25 Dividers

    Pocket Folder

    Composition Notebook - Math Journal

    Looseleaf Notebook paper

    Texas Instruments Ti-30 Calculator (optional)


    8th Graders:

    School Agenda (provided)

    (3) 1" binders (ELA, Math, Social Studies)

    3 sets of 5-tab dividers

    Loose leaf paper for binders

    Blue homework folder for all subjects

    1 science folder

    1 notebook for Social Studies

    Headphones or earbuds

    Pens/pencils for the school year



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