Board of Education/Administrative Focus

  • The Randolph Central School District is focused on "Learning with Passion, Innovation & Leadership". For every Board of Education member, administrator, teacher, employee and student, we are focused on  learning. For every student in the classroom, every teacher in our buildings, every coach and athlete representing RCS--we know that passion, innovation and leadership are the keys to success.  We are committed to helping every member of our organization learn.


    We are focusing on adult and student learning, building trust through communication and collaboration with our entire school community, hiring and supporting excellent personnel who demonstrate learning with passion, innovation and leadership. We are also committed to making responsible financial decisions that optimize district assets while meeting educational needs and continuously supporting and evaluating district goals.


    The Randolph Central School District exists for the children of our community, so that we are committed to maximizing student achievement and success for every child.


    The central vision of and focus for our District is learning with passion, innovation and leadership, in the classrooms, on our playing fields, for our children and our employees.

    Commitments and Focus Areas

    1. We will deliver a cohesive continuum of common core instruction that leads each of our students to at least the proficient or mastery levels as demonstrated on NYS assessments.

    2. We will look at each child individually and make informed decisions for him or her that will provide a challenge and help to maximize individual success. We will provide a more rigorous and challenging curriculum for all children, specifically focusing on our mid to top academic students.

    3. We will make decisions based on careful data analysis; we will be able to back up our decisions with data.

    4. All of our students will graduate with a Regents Diploma.

    5. All of our students will have opportunities to create, problem solve and lead within the curriculum for every class.

    6. Our administrators will support our best teachers, tend to our teachers in the middle, and move to remediate and remove, if necessary, our worst teachers. We will follow the same philosophy with all other District employees.

    7. Our administrators and teacher leaders will conduct surveys, solicit feedback, and work to improve our leadership in every area.

    8. We will continue the RCS history of strong fiscal management, keeping the District in a strong financial position.

    L to R: Mike Evans, Julie Milliman, Janet Huntington, Dan Jackson, Louise Boutwell, David Adams, Brandon Walters

    Board Members (L to R):  Michael Evans, Julie Milliman-Vice President, Janet Huntington, Daniel Jackson-President, Louise Boutwell, David Adams, Brandon Walters.



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