RCS Throwers

  • Information for RCS Throwers


    Thrower Specific Warm up- Every practice and meet

    10 striders – 5 each leg

    10 bird dogs - 5 each side – opposites stretch

    10 fire hydrants each side forward and back – lock elbows, knee out to 90 degrees

    10 lunge and reach – reach out in front and roll back foot – reach to bent leg side on each side

    Glute stretch – 30 seconds + 3 T spine

    Butterflies 20 sec. x 3

    Dead bugs opposites 5 x per side

    Standing Hamstring stretch 10 per leg

    10 Speed Squat – slow on the way down and explode up

    25 jumping jacks – touch overhead

    20 Walking Lunges 10 per leg


    Drill – Both Shot and Discus

    25 Bottle and cap drill – kick the bottle and cover the cap (left leg straight)

    12 Med. Ball throws – from the hip, upward angle

    25 Discus Rolls (6 feet apart) – roll the disc on the ground being sure it comes off pointer finger

    25 Discus Flicks – flick the disc straight in the air, being sure it comes off the pointer finger


    Building a full throw for discus (Complete drills in order)

     Pivot leading with inside of the knee – 3 x 90, 6 x 180, 12 x 360

     25 Build the tunnel – standing turn in opposite direction, turn and get low making a tunnel, right arm remains back

     25 squish the bug – pivot on the left leg, leading with the right inside of the knee

     12  kick the bottle – push off the left pivot foot and leap forward (quick) to hit the bottle (right arm still trailing and body is low

                ADD on (12 times) pivot on the right after hitting bottle and bring the left around, so that you are in power position

     12 Power position throws (with/without weight) left and right feet in T shape, posh off with right leg and push over straight left


     Building a full throw for Shot put

     15 – kneeling push and flick – pull with left arm – right elbow up

     25 shuffle into power position – hips lead stay low

     15 Power position throws (with/without weight)


    Explosive Movement Drills

     Depth Jumps - start on top of a small box (same size as in the above drill). A cone is placed at the base of the box about 2 feet from the box. The athlete jumps down from the box and lands between the box and cone on both feet. Without pausing, the athlete jumps over the cone with both feet together. And lands. Without pausing, the athlete then jumps out into a standing broad jump. The athletes are looking to land in a squat position three times; off the box, over the cone, and at the end of the broad jump. Drill is repeated 4 times. Athletes are not to do this drill until they can full squat one and half times their body weight. 

    ***can use shorted step boxes if needed or mats


    Power Ups - place one foot on the small or medium box from the side (the outside part of the leg on the ground should be against the box). In one fluid motion, the athlete pushes himself up onto the box and jumps up directly over the box in the air off of one leg and lands on the leg on the box. The outside leg that is resting on the ground must stabilize the athlete as he lands. Athletes must stay under control or he will get hurt. The goal of this exercise is to concentrate on pushing upward off the leg that is on top of the box.

    **Use the short step up boxes until confident with this

     Double jumps – Start on small box with two cones in front of you, jump down from the box and jump over both cones.  Do not land and stop.  Looking for reaction speed.

     Box push ups 10– place a box on either side of arms and push up catching yourself on the box

     Plyo push ups on a box 10– push off the box, land on box and push off, so there is no pause.



    Leg Raises – 4 set of 4-6 reps

    Russian Twists – 4 sets of 8-10 reps

    V sit ups – 3 set of 4-8 reps

    Windshield wipers – 3set of 8—10 reps

    Side to side Ankle taps 3 set or 8-10 reps

    Bicycle crunches 3 set of 10 reps


    Video links




    You can watch any videos in this link   https://www.youtube.com/user/PrimalATC/videos

    Throwing clips

    Shot Put






    Release issues   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0i3KvKzJ0k


    What is blocking?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enAYN3pGPqY

    blocking leg - no vertical hop  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8A6bQglqYA