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    IXL T 5,6,7 Due 5/3 Graded out of **80**

    Unit 10 review 1-25 omit 8,9,22

    Email me with questions!!!



    zoom meeting 4/20 9:45-10:30 M-Thurs

    Meeting ID: 458 344 7243


    you all should have received your materials last night.

    this is our second assignment:

    go to Geometry unit 9 lesson 10 pages 1-2 are lesson 3-4 are homework. If you are experiencing difficulty the video lesson is directly below lesson. If you are still having trouble email me


    ****reminder the videos are very helpful!!


    email me for answers to lessons




    Geometry Common Core Regents Exam    6/24/20 8:15 A.M.



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