7-12 Physical Education

Mr. Brown and Mrs. Nickolson....

Welcome you to 7-12 Physical Education

PE at Home during the COVID-19 School Shutdown

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 We believe that Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process.  It gives the students the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and socially through the use of physical activity.  Physical Education helps the students achieve the skills,, physical fitness, knowledge, social qualities and attitudes that will allow them to develop an optimal quality of life and well being.

Physical Education supports the broad goals of education by encouraging students to participate in lifelong activities and by giving them the personal living skills that makes this possible. This is achieved through the pursuit of skills and knowledge in movement, understanding the effects of physical activity upon the body, feelings of mastery, and the development of a personal value system regarding physical activity.

The personal living skills developed through Physical Education that lead toward the objective of lifetime activities are: 1. Physical Fitness 2. Cooperation 3. Risk Taking  4. Safety 5. Initiative 6. Leadership 7. Trust 8. Respect.

OUR GOAL is to foster personal living skills through the positive and enjoyable learning experiences and to promote the knowledge and appreciation of lifetime activity for healthy living through active participation and Physical Education.