How to make up a missed class

  • Make-up options

    Students can make up absences from Physical Education class. The options are as follows:

    1. Students can go to the weight room afterschool or during evening/ morning hours and complete 1.5 miles on the treadmill / elliptical , 5 miles on the stationary bike or a weight lifting circuit.  Each option = 1 missed class . Students will document this and the weight room supervisor will sign off on completed work. Student are responsible to give this note to the Physical Education teacher. Typically, we have students make their own arrangements for transportation , if they choose to stay afterschool.
    2. Students can write a 250 word essay on any sports/ activities we play during the school year. This could include rules, history or a biography on a professional athlete who plays any of the sports or activities. You can find our list of the year's activities on our home page.

    If you have any questions or concerns , please contact either Brent Brown 358-6161 extension 4134 or Sally Hach at 358-6161 extension 4119

    Students DO NOT have to make up school sponsored field trip /events /testing !