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  • As of Monday April 20th

    All class materials will be posted on Schoology. If you need to makeup back work vistit the Homework link on this site to find assignments 1-6.

    If you need to contact me for help with assignments or are having trouble gaining access, please email me at

    Any back work can be made up at anytime and turned in via email, zoom or schoology

    Monday April 20th

    Zoom Meeting @ 11:30

    ID: 217  615  5111

    Password: 908327


    Schedule for Spring Break

    Zoom meetings for next week are for students who need help, have questions or have missed classes.  It would also be a great time to check in back assignments with me.

    Assignment #6 is posted under my homework tab

    Zoom Meetings:

    Tuesday, 4/14@11:30

    ID: 644  158  043

    password: 9gdOHi


    Thursday, 4/16@11:30

    ID: 621  287  143

    password: 7PkVDu


    Wednesday 4/8/20

    Regular Class@11:30

    Meeting ID: 808  598  715

    Password: 9ucyL1

    *Have your notebook ready

    *11th period will be checking in their work after class

    Monday 4/6/20

    Regular Class @ 11:30

    Meeting ID: 148  040  208

    Password: 314966

    Friday 4/3/20

    Regular Class @ 11:30am

    Meeting ID:324  428  936

    Period 3 please be prepared for me to check in 4 assignments as shown on my homework tab

    Next Power point: Communist Revolution-China

     Thursday 4/2/20

    Zoom Class for Period 5/6 Only @ 11:30am (I emailed you the meeting ID number)

    Periods 3, 7/8, and 11 please do your assignments. Contact me as needed through email.

    Wednesday 4/1/20

    Class @ 11:30am.  Please be on time.

    Meeting ID: 210  024  044

    Tuesday 3/31/20

    Office hours at 11:30am optional (questions,review)

    Zoom Meeting ID:657  861  290

    Please see updated my homework tab


    Monday 3/30/20

    Class @ 11:30 am

    Meeting ID: 443  997  346

    Covering: WWI "test", Review of Russian Rev., and Stalin.

    Thursday 3/26/20

    Office Hours: optional to join.  Come in if you have questions or would like to talk.

    Meeting ID: 668  383  054


    Friday 3/27/20

    Regular Class for All: Covering Russian Revolution Causes ppt. (see my homework tab)

    Meeting ID: 661  083  763


    Wednesday 3/25/20

    Zoom meeting @ 11:30am

    Meeting ID: 668  611  646

    For Class you might want to have Outcomes of WWI ppt copied so you can follow along more easily

    Access to Online Text

    * This is an old version of our current book (not much different)

    *Chapter numbers are different

    *scroll down the page and look for the Great War (Chapter 13). You should read the whole chapter. I will be focusing on the last section tomorrow "A Flawed Peace"

    See You Tomorrow!!


    Tuesday 3/24/20

    Zoom meeting has been scheduled

    Meeting ID: 159  969  380


    This meeting is for anyone who has questions, or would like to see how to access your text book (I found it online without having to wait for the company). Otherwise proceed with the assignments that I posted yesterday under my homework tab



    Monday Class: 11:30am on

    Meeting ID: 104  551  057

    Please have something to write in or on.  This must be kept.  It could be an old notebook, loose leaf, computer paper, construction paper, etc. You need to keep a record of material that we go over or to respond to questions that I may ask. This will be proof that you have put forth effort to receive course credit. See you tomorrow! 


    Friday 3/20/20

    Thank you for attending the meeting today!  Class will begin on Moday @ 11:30 on  Please take notes ahead of the meeting or take them during.  When school resumes, I would like to see some assemblance of effort on your part so that credit for the class can be awarded.  It will not be graded. 

    • We will pick up with Causes of WWI which can be found under the my resouces tab
    • Have a notebook or something to log writing in. I will collect this when we get back to school (no grade)
    • Meeting ID: 104  551  057

    NEW Thursday, 3/19

    I enjoyed seeing and hearing from you today so much that I am going to run another test meeting tomorrow!  Spread the word and help your classmates get in! Hopefully we can get into some new material starting on Monday.


    Meeting time 11:30

    Meeting ID: 834  635  445

    *read past posts if you need help on or email me



    Thursday, 3/19

    I am going to run a trial zoom class today.  It will run on your home computer or cell phone.  Do your best to get in if you can.  If you try and are unsuccessful, shoot me an email and I will try to help. If you are going to join read my previous posts as to how.  No worries if you can't get in, we'll keep on trying.  I just want to talk to guys and answer questions you may have (not sure I have all the answers). Hope to see you!! Note: this is not an official Global class where I will be offering materials. Meeting starts at 11:15am don't wait til the last minute to get on.

    Login to your Zoom account 

    Choose "join a meeting"

    Enter meeting ID:671 455 487

    Wednesday Night 3/18/20:  I am going to schedule a meeting on for tomorrow at 11:15am. It is only a trial run if you would like to join me.  If you haven't yet set up an account with, it's easy and free.

    I think the best way to enter the meeting is:

    • Login to your zoom account
    • Choose "join a meeting"
    • enter meeting ID: 671  455  487

    You can also copy paste website:

    If you are using your cell phone you have to download zoom app.

    *if none of the above works to get you in, email me or ask a friend if it worked and how they did it.

    Hoping to see and talk to some of you Thursday!!



    Wednesday 3/18/20: Please read all of this carefully!!

    1. I am currently working at school to get materials together for those who don't have internet access.

    2. I am in contact with your text book company to try to give you access to your book online.  I will follow up with that info as I receive it.  If you are fortunate enough to have a text book at home you're all set.

    3. As we move forward this is what I am going to try to do:

    • Post readings in the textbook (assuming you have access to it online)
    • Post notes online that I would teach in class (if we were at school) that would support the readings
    • Post youtube videos that I think will help you learn material or that I would have used in class
    • Hold meetings on where we can see and hear each other and hold class (I will let you know when-if I were to hold a meeting it will be between 11:30am-1:00pm)

    4. In the meantime, please do the following:

    • Go to and establish an account.  It's easy to do and it's free!
    • Be willing to do the work. Learning through this will depend on how seriously you will take it. Know that I am doing the best that I can to do this through online channels which admittedly I'm learning as I go. We are in unprecedented times and no one knows the outcomes at this point. All we can do is try to work through this, make the most of the situation and support each other.

    5. All written assignments are suggestions to help you learn.  I will not collect any work when this is over so do what is best for you.  I would, however, do all of the readings, watch the videos and attend zoom meetings if possible.

    6.  Please use your social media accounts to help me notify any of your classmates or anyone in the 10th grade. Please direct them to this website for future info.  I will try to post everyday.  Email me with any questions please.

    As always, take care of yourself!  "Keep Calm and Carry On"  (British saying during WWII, also poster in my classroom)


    Update:Hello Everyone! Here's an update:

    1. I am trying to devise a way to stay in touch with all of my students through the near and possibly distant future.  As of right now, the easiest way for me currently is through this website. 

    2. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at:

    3. If you would like to progress forward with our study of WWI, the powepoint is is under My Resources tab. If you have your book at home you could read the chapter as well. If you would like to to take notes from the powerpoint feel free, especially if you think that will help you remember the material. If you are looking for a good movie and can access "War Horse" it's an excellent portrayal of what WWI would have looked like. Another movie (old) is "ALL is Quiet on the Western Front", it's a classic. I used to show this in class a while back. 

    4. Please spread the word to classmates that I am active on this site and will try to use it to communicate with you.

    5. We still, at this point, have to try and work our way through material as I am going to do my best to prepare you for the Regents exam assuming the state still administers it in June, time will tell.

    6. In the meantime, stay positive, safe and healthy. We will get through this. Happy St. Patrick's Day!





    Visit My Resources link to help prepare for Global regents at home!




    My primary course of instruction is Global History and Geography.  This course is a continuation of 9th grade Global.  This course will introduce students to many important turning points and people across the world.  We will begin studying European Exploration and finish with current times.



    Please Check My Homework Icon to your left to see homework.  I will do my best to keep this current. Also, any dates of importance are also on the homework calendar



    Please feel free to contact me at school via:


    Phone: 358-6161 ext 4126

    I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

    If powerschool grades are not updated, please have your son or daughter ask me for a current grade if you so desire.


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