• First off I would like to properly introduce myself, even though I am sure I have met so many of you!  My name is Arissa Hitchcock.  I am a Randolph native and graduate.  I am lucky and happy enough to say that I am the new Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor for Randolph Central School. 

    A little about myself, as I mentioned, I am a graduate of Randolph Central School.  After high school, I attended Penn State Behrend for Agriculture for two years. A change of life sent me to St. Bonaventure University where I gained my Bachelors Degree in teaching.  I then joined the work force, landing as the library director for Ellington Farman Library.  I decided at that point to go back to school and I received my Masters in Agriculture Integrated Resource Management from Colorado State University.  After that accomplishment, I worked in various Agriculture occupations and farms.  I currently reside as the vice president for the library.  I am on the Dairy Committee for Chautauqua and Cattaraugus County 4-H.  I am on the youth development and livestock committee for Cattaraugus 4-H as well!  I enjoy taking pictures, summertime, FAIR (cows) and my awesome dogs! 

    Well enough about me, let’s talk about the 2022-2023 school year!  I am so excited for my first FULL year at Randolph.  The school is continuing the classes I created in January and I am excited to see them grow.  We also have received approval to use the Academy barn across the street.  Therefore, Animal Science is going to be BEYOND GREAT!  Along with great things happening in the classroom, I am also excited to see FFA continue to grow. 

    During the school year, the FFA has many opportunities that arise that will require permission.  It is my goal to provide students with the possibility to attend and participate in as many activities as we can…with school approval, of course!  To save on paper I am providing a blanket permission form for the school year and 2023 Summer.  I realize your student will not attend all of the activities and events, but this is a great start.  Along with granting permission, this gives me the best contact information for your family for contact throughout the year.  I will be creating a new Randolph FFA Facebook that I can access to keep you all updated as much as possible, along with emails and such. 

    In closing, I really look forward to this year.  I encourage anyone to visit the classroom, to call or text me with questions and concerns and to keep me updated on any events you may see! 



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