Mrs. Shawley's Web Page - Kindergarten Room 25

  •  Welcome to Kindergarten!  


    Supply List

    -         a book bag for taking home letters, notices, etc.

    -         sharpened pencils (I strongly suggest getting the Ticonderoga brand.  They last MUCH longer and are easier to sharpen)

    -         15 glue sticks (NO liquid glue is allowed due to carpeting)

    -         2 packs of CRAYOLA crayons (24 pack or less)

    -         scissors (Fiskars is an excellent brand)

    -         3 fine point dry erase marker (black or blue)

    -         small plastic box to store supplies

    -         box of tissues to share with class

    Boys:  Please bring in a box of gallon size storage bags

    Girls:  Please bring in a box of quart size storage bags.

    Wish List:  playdough, water color paints, washable markers


                                                   *Our Schedule (2016 - 2017)


    Math AIS    9:25 – 10:04

    Reading AIS   11:25 – 12:44

    Lunch    12:35 – 1:05


    Art   10:05 – 10:44


    Library   10:05 – 10:44

    Music and Movement   1:25 – 2:04


    Gym   10:05 – 10:44  


    Gym   10:05 – 10:44


    Music   10:45 – 11:24

      **  What is i-Ready and how is it used? **


    I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the short video titled"Parent Overview of i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction" that explains the i-Ready assessment and instruction program that we use in our district. I will be sending home reports throughout the year and you will better understand these reports if you have an understanding of the program.