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    Here is a copy of our classroom schedule for this year.

    Monday   Gym  10:44-11:24

    Tuesday   Music 10:45-11:24

    Wednesday    Rotating Specials  9:24-10:04 - by Marking Period
    (1st Library, 2nd Art, 3rd, Music, 4th Music and Movement)

                   Music  10:44-11:24            

    Thursday   Gym  10:44-11:24

    Friday Art  10:24-11:24

    Lunch  11:35 to 12:05 each day

    Students arrive in the classroom with the bell, ringing at 7:45.

    We begin our school day at 8:05 each morning. The students get ready to leave at 2:40. We walk out at 2:45.  This is the end of our work day. If you'd like to pick up your child early, please park along the driveway so you can get out easily. This way your child will not miss the last of our lessons for the day.

    Please be sure that your child has breakfast each morning and is on time each day!  If your child eats breakfast at school it will be served each morning between 7:30 and 8:00.

    We will be both having Reading instruction, Reading Intervention, Math lessons and Math Intervention in the morning.  If possible please schedule any of your childs appointments in the afternoon or after school so they do not miss important lessons and work.

    Also, it would be helpful if all lunch money is sent with your childs name on it or you can prepay in the cafeteria.

    Library books will need to be here on Thursday. Sneakers should be worn on both Monday and Wednesday. Please send in an extra sweater or sweatshirt for your child to wear in the classroom.

    The Parent Communication Folders are to come to school every day.  I will send them home each night with daily notes, homework and completed papers.  This really helps the students be responsible and keeps everything organized. Please be sure your child has their folder each day.

    I hope this information is helpful.  If you have any questions please contact me at school, 358-3985,ext 4024

    Mrs. Arnold

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