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  • Welcome to 6th Grade!


    • Science: We will work through the following units this year: Living Things, Matter and Liquids, Periodic Table, Weather, Simple Machines, Incubation, and Rockets. 
    • ELA: Check out for more information regarding our ELA Modules for 6th grade.  The curriculum is available as a download for any parent who wants to see it.
    • iReady News:  Testing will take place at the beginning of the school year.  Students will be placed into AIS groups based on the test results.
    • Sixth grade is in charge of the recycling program, safety patrol, and flag.  New this year: Media Club!!
    • Students are welcome to use the iReady program at home to help increase their scores.  All students know how to log on and complete lessons. 
    • If a student receives a grade below a 70 on any homework assignment, he or she must correct it for a better grade.  Assignments receiving a grade in the 70s or 80s MAY be corrected if the student chooses to (which is highly encouraged).
    • Grades are weighted this year.  Tests, quizzes, and projects are worth 60%.  In class assignments and homework are worth 40%.   
    • Our class has a Facebook page!  It is listed under the name Beaver Sixth.  It will be used to increase communications, discuss homework, and talk about projects.  Check it out!
    • School Supplies for 6th graders: Please check with your child regarding school supplies such as pencils and loose leaf paper.  Students sometimes come to class unprepared with these basic items.    
    • Be sure to check out the PTA's new website: 
    • Visit Campbell's Labels for Education– Clip and Earn FREE STUFF For Your School Labels for Education to learn more about sending in labels.