Mrs. Beaver's Class

  • Hi Everyone.  Below you will find links to the websites available to students at this time.  I have outlined a plan below for assignments and activities for students.  Please reach out to me if you need anything at any time. 




    1. Read for 30 Minutes and log books on your book log- return with you to school for a prize :)

    •               You can use EPIC, Bookshelf, Books, Scholastic News, etc... anything you want to read.

    2. Complete an assignment on and submit it.  I'll keep track of anyone that scores 90% or more and you will have a prize when you return to school. 

    3. Write to me everyday in your Journal I sent home.  Make sure you put the date at the top of the page. I cannot wait to read these when we get back. 



    1. Complete 1 box on your daily morning math page (yellow math). Bring these back to school for a prize if they are completed:) 

    2. Compete 1 lesson on Zearn a day.  Complete the practice book page that goes a long with the lesson.  Try to finish the entire mission.  This will also earn you a prize. 

    3. Spend 20-30 minutes completing IXl lessons.  Remember the person with the most lessons completed in June will be our WINNER. 



    Monday and Wednesday

    1. Log on and complete 40 minutes of Iready Reading lessons.  

    2. Work through the Iready Reading Workbook- spend about 20 minutes in the workbook 


    Tuesday and Thursday

    1. Log on and complete 40 minutes of Iready Math lessons.  

    2. Work through the Iready Math Workbook- spend about 20 minutes in the workbook 



    1. Complete a Reflex Math lesson until you get your green light.

    2. Log on to Prodigy if you can and try to battle eachother 

    3. Complete lessons on IXL Language Arts (about 20 minutes)


    Extra Credit

    Bring back anything in the folder sent home to you to earn extra tickets when we return to school.  Also check out the different bingo boards on our third grade facebook page.  Return the bingo boards for a prize.  Keep practicing your skills.  I will miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. 


    Links to websites 



    Reflex Math





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