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    Check out these awesome art websites for kids!!

    Museum of Modern Art


    Ice cream

    draw popsickle

    draw watermelon

    design lunchbox

    gallery of gratitude

     My Favorite artist is Andy Warhol... Who is your favorite artist?!



      Welcome to the Art Room!!


    The elementary art room is an experience-centered environment. The art curriculum consists of creative projects in studio art and art history based on the New York State Standards for Visual Arts. Students experiment with different styles, materials, and media, techniques and processes. Students are encouraged to express their individualities, thoughts, and feelings through their creativity. The students create many projects as creating is essential to the understanding of art and technique. Students discuss different artists, styles, and media they can use to create their own unique work while meeting the required objectives and standards. Creative thinking and self reflection are encouraged through discussion and brainstorming. Students learn to work effectively with others and learn proper clean up. 

    Students within each grade level will be creating several projects within a unit. Many of the projects  we are working on take 2 or more weeks to complete. Students will be bringing home projects, as they are finished... however, upon completion, some projects are selected to be displayed in the halls, for the Spring Arts Gala at the end of the year, or at local venues with the students' permission. 

    I am looking forward to displaying student work!!