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  • 7th and 8th Grade Supply Lists

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    ALL 7th Graders:


    To be kept in provided homework binder:

    Pencil pouch to go inside HW binder

    Ear buds



    Math (McClure):

    1 inch 3-ring binder



    Math (Mansfield):

    3-ring binder


    Science (Steward):

    3-ring binder with pockets


    Social Studies (Levandowski):

    2 inch 3-ring binder

    10 dividers

    College ruled paper

    Textbook cover


    ELA (Garvey):

    College Ruled Paper

    2 inch 3-ring binder




    Dry erase marker

    3 ring binder (2 inch or larger)

    1 composition or spiral notebook

    Index cards or post-it-notes

    College ruled paper




    All 8th graders:

    1.       Three one-inch binders (ELA, Math, Social Studies)

    2.       Three sets of five-tab dividers

    3.       Loose leaf paper for binders

    4.       One blue homework folder for all subjects

    5.       One science folder

    6.       One notebook for Social Studies

    7.       Headphones

    8.       Pens/pencils for the school year


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