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    Welcome to Social Studies and Participation in Government!

    This is my nineth year at Randolph Central School as a full-time teacher.  I am extremely excited for the opportunity to teach 8th grade U.S. History, and 12th grade Participation in Government.

    I spent my first two years of undergraduate education at Jamestown Community College and earned my associate's degree.  I then graduated from Fredonia State University with Social Studies Education as my major.  From there I earned a Master's in Special Education through Grand Canyon University.


    8th Grade Social Studies Overview:

    The course covers United States History from the Civil War to present day history and issues.  The curriculum is aligned with New York State standards as well as Core Content Standards.  It also provides opportunities to learn and grow in important skills such as reading, writing, note-taking, organization and other skills important to their future in education.  The main goal of this course is to prepare students for the skills and knowledge necessary for success in High School.



    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Be prepared - Bring all necessary materials and arrive to class on time.

    2. Be polite and respectful - All students are expected to be respectful of others in the classroom.

    3. Hand-in all homework - All students are expected to complete and hand-in all homework assignments.