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  • Welcome to Mr. Steward's Co-vid 19 virtual classroom spring break edition!  I am currently working on modifying my website to make assignments and instruction easy.


    Seventh graders  

    If you have questions about assignments feel free to call or text me on my phone at 397-2855 anytime during the day. 



    April 20- New ZOOM Code- 7th grade-   961 4335 8268.  password    stew   8-8:40 Mondays and Wednesdays

    Assignment- Input data into spreadsheet on Office 365 teams in assignments-  Rain Gauge Data and Temperature Data


    April 22- If you missed the zoom today watch at least two you tube videos on how to make a homemade barometer.  Your assignment is to make a home made barometer for Monday.  If you send me a picture of your barometer with you holding it you will get credit for todays ZOOM.  You also need to tell me what a barometer measurs.  If you were in ZOOM and missed it the assignment for Monday is to make a homemade barometer.


    April 27- Please send me a picture of your homemade barometer (through email or text to 397-2855) if I did not give you points in power school.  There is also an Air Pressure assignment in office 365 teams.  Please do the assignment for Wednesday.  If you missed the ZOOM today, doing the teams assignment and sending the picture of the barometer will give you participation credit.

    April 29- use your barometer that you made to take five readings during the day on two different days and record the weather associated with the barometer changes.  The sheet for this activity is found on office 365 Teams.  This assignment is due Monday, May 4.

    May 4- You have two castle learning assignments.  Covid weather 2 and Water cycle.  If you missed zoom watch a youtube video of your choice on the water cycle.  Remember your login for Castle Learning is in the format ran-psteward.  Don't use my initial and name- use yours.  If you normally have a number after your name in the computer login there is one after your name in this login.  Assignment is due Wednesday.

    May 11- Finish watching "Nature Devastating Forces" video on you tube and answer the questions on the worksheet posted on Microsoft Office 365 Teams.

    May 13- Homework is to find a rock with a fossil.  If you missed todays zoom please discuss what you should do in the following cases of extreme weather with your parents: drought, lightening storm, tornado, hurricane, blizzard.  Watch video as well:


    May 18- Homework is to use google earth or cattaraugus or chautauqua county GIS maps to locate the latitude and longitude of the school and your house. Put your answer on the Teams App or email it to me or text it to me.  Remember to send me a picture of your fossil rock if you haven't already.  If you missed class watch the youtube video link following:

    May 20- Watch a video on youtube on plate tectonics and another video on the rock cycle.  Do the Castle Learning that is assigned.  Be sure to look up answers and get them right on the first try.  Then go for a walk and find five different rocks- different in color and texture.  Send me a picture or show me in zoom.

    May 27- Do weathering and erosion castle learning.  Look up answers or watch you tube videos on weathering and erosion.  Check power school for grades.


    June 1-- Do digital Weathering and erosion project.  Take photos of the weathering and erosion specified in the project on Teams and in the file below and write an explanation of what is happening for each picture.  This is Due June 8.  18 Points.  You can turn in through teams, email, messenger or text message.


    Unable to attach file, so assignment is to take pictures of the followingand explain what is happening in regards to weathering and erosion in the picture.


    1.  Rock weathered by plants- mechanical

    2.  Rock weathered by plants- chemical

    3.  Effects of Ice Wedging

    4.  Signs of Glacial Erosion

    5.  Soil Eroded by water

    6.  Material deposited by water

    7.  Wind erosion

    8.  Weathering caused by Humans

    9.  Human Attempts at Preventing Soil erosion








    Natural Disasters- Check your email.  We will start zoom for this class next Tuesday, April 21 at 8:00 AM.   Zoom times,code and password are in email.  Please respond to my email so I know you have it.


    Principles of Biology- Zoom M-F 8:45 - 9:30 



Dissections are right around the corner!

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