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  • 3/26/20

    Hi everyone!

    I hope everyone has begun to settle in and adjust to our new "norm" for the time being.

    I just want to let everyone know that I will be holding Office Hours/Resource Room daily Zoom sessions from 10AM - 11AM. Please email me for the meeting ID. If you would like to set up a personal 1 on 1 Zoom session, that can be arranged as well.

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and active during this time!

    Take care.

    -Mr. Reynolds



    Hi everyone!

    By now you all should have received your instructional packets/directions for your classes via email or in paper form last evening from the high school. Please take the time to read through everything that all of your teachers sent you. Hopefully my information was the least lengthy!!! For my resource room students, Please complete the Staff to Teacher Texting Permission Form that was in the packet that I sent each of you. The faster you text me those permission slips, the faster and best we will be able to communicate with one another. I know you might think it weird to receive texts or calls from your teachers, but this is our new norm for awhile!! If for some reason you do not have cellphone with service, let me know the best way to reach you and your preferred method of communication. I will do what works for each and everyone of you!

    As of right now, I will make sure that I communicate through email, text message, and I am going to begin to post reminders and information on my school website. For the purpose of keeping things organized, I am going to email and text you according to grade level and NOT resource room period. This way, I can remind each grade level of what you should be doing for your core classes.

    Other than that, I look forward to hearing from each of you individually. So far, I have heard from 3 out of the 13.
    Starting either Friday 3/20 or next Monday 3/23, I will be posting assignments of what you should be completing for your core classes and additional things I need you to complete for resource room. Make sure your are checking your email and my webpage regularly as well as follow the directions from your other teachers.
    That's it from me!
    Take care everyone!
    -Mr. Reynolds