Student Activities

National Honor Society

Congratulations to our newest members of the National Honor Society!

These are the requirements to be considered for membership in National Honor Society:

Effective 2017-18 School Year:

  • Qualifying students will be asked to complete a Student Activity Form.

  • All candidates must have at least 15 hours of community service documented on the Student Activity Form.

  • All candidates will be required to obtain at least one letter of reference from a coach, adviser, boss, mentor, etc. This person must be able to comment on the students' leadership skills and character outside of the classroom.

  • All candidates will be required to respond to a revised essay prompt.

  • Only juniors and seniors with a 93% (unweighted) average will be considered for membership of the RCS Chapter of the National Honor Society.


Candidate Procedures

In September, students who qualify for National Honor Society will be notified individually.

In this section you will find the Candidate Information Packet, which includes:

  • Welcome Letter

  • Student Activity Information Form

  • Qualification Requirements

  • Selection Procedures

  • Necessary Contact Information

In addition an essay prompt will be attached to the application packet.

No Student Activity Information Forms, letters of recommendation, essays, etc. will be accepted prior to candidacy notification in September.

Candidate Information Packet

Meeting Agendas

All Meetings Are Considered Mandatory.
Missing More Than 3 Meetings Without Proof Of A Legal Absence Will Result In Probationary Action!

Community Service Opportunities

You Are Required To Complete 25 Hours Of Community Service During The School Year

Community Service Sheets